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Dear Sirs,

TARIK are now operating four modern craft with our latest vessel coming into service shortly after May 2024.

ANAIS – TBN ATLANTIS is a modern Catamaran Workboat of 14 meters LOA and 6 Meters breath and 1.2 draft she is a CAT 2 60 Miles SCMC Coded vessel on the UK Register and MCA Workboat rule book Code 3. 4 Tons stability approved book cargo and 14 pax.

This vessel is replacement for LADY GRAND as you know was retired some time ago and she is currently fitted out as a DIVE BOAT and has a crane to lower Dive equipments overboard for surveying and underwater duties she is also an excellent survey vessel with MOONPOOL and four point mooring capability shallow and low draft and stable platform for this type of operation.

Tarik are now operating a fleet of modern and capable craft with the future developments planned in Gibraltar Port and East Side Project that is now coming close to commencing as will several projects within the existing harbour and Ministry of Defense facilities maintenance’s.

Please log in to our web page like to view details of this and out full fleet of modern vessels.

I trust you will welcome our continued investment in Gibraltar PLC and look forward to assist your clients needs.

Mark Canepa