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We have the pleasure to inform our new vessel BONAIRE H 260 has how been issued with a harbour craft licence for the port of Gibraltar sister ship to SALONCA RAS H 291 she is fully operational having passed her local inspections with flying co0lours.

We are very grateful to the Gibraltar Maritime Administration and Captain of the Port Gibraltar and staff for allowing us to continue to expand our services with modern and NEW CRAFT that will be a great addition to the excellent service industry in Gibraltar Port that is the premier port in this area of the world for ship born operation that include bunkering of ships crew matter repairs underwater services anchor handling storing Urea and chemicals and paint deliveries at anchor or Off Port Limit services.

2023 saw almost 10000 ship calls at Gibraltar and over 3000 were Off Limits Operations.  These craft are certified to carry Category 8 Dangerous Cargoes such as Chemicals and Oils and Paints and Gases so we are able to maximise their use .An additional advantage as requested by the Government of Gibraltar request that operators make it now possible to collect goods from Algeciras Port and deliver these to Gibraltar Port for onward delivery to ships calls in Gibraltar theis is done with official permit and permits from Customs and Port authorities blessing on both sides, This alone is a great step forward not seen since the closure of the frontier in the 1960 era.

We are therefore now in a new area of efficiency where stores and goods destined to Gibraltar during public holidays and problems at the Land Frontier this can be brought over vis sea freight.

We look forward to assist our partners in accomplishing the services required by ship owners and managers alike .