Security & Customs


Tarik have over the year come to understand how important warehousing is for their clients and have acquired warehouses both in Gibraltar and Algeciras at very competitive rates.

Our modern warehouse facilities, with a surface area of more than 800 m2, both inside and outside port installations are considered by customs authorities as public customs depots.

All kind of spares and stores arriving via airfreight, truck or containers can be stored and kept safely in our indoor installations, ready for delivery when vessels pass inbound or out bound the Gibraltar Strait.

We have a weekly consolidated truck service from Gibraltar/Algeciras to Northern European countries. Equipment landed from vessels is sent via airfreight or via land, our freight forwarding department is able to send to any part of the world at a very competitive rates our main objective is to make our client’s life simpler and stress free.


Tarik Ship Agents are also customs agents in Gibraltar and we will be able to clear all spare parts arriving through both Spain and Gibraltar customs in good time and deliver them to the vessel or workshops. We are also able to export spares to other ports be it for repairs or to connect to other vessels.