Repairs & Maintenance

Whether it is a question of emergency repair work or docking, at the ports of Algeciras and Gibraltar you will find all the necessary measures and excellent installations. The workshops are perfectly equipped to carry out any repair or maintenance job under the expert supervision of the highly qualified personnel with all classification societies available.

We will advise as to which is the best port and site for the operation you need to carry out with us you will obtain the necessary permits so that the workshop can complete repairs as soon as possible.

We would also like to point out that you will have the best conditions for repairing at anchorage, berths or at dry dock. We will give you the different rates for the two ports and the economic advantages in each situation.


Gibraltar & Algeciras ports both cater vessels with flexible, cost effective solutions for propeller polishing, hull maintenance and hull cleaning.

Reliable underwater ship maintenance, inspections, repairs, installations and cofferdams.

Propeller polishing is also easy to integrate with port calls involving vessels’ working cargo, thereby ensuring that there is no loss of operational time to the operator because of the maintenance.

Underwater hull inspections these services can be used to detect and define hull cracks and other damage, to carry out ultrasound analysis of hull thickness and to provide internal tank and void inspections.

Underwater inspections are an invaluable aid for classification society in class surveys, for sale & purchase enquiries and preparation for dry dock.